PGM Dress Form

Industry Grade Dress Form

#1 Fashion Industry Dress Form USA with legs , double function, allows to insert the pole through center or through leg

Create your dress form in unique style by antique design or dye color design, see more special designed dress form:

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PGM Dress Form Draping Method:

Pattern draping method is a three dimensional process of pattern making. In this pattern making method, muslin cloth is used to drape owver a Human body or on a dress form.  For making this draping method commonly used muslin fabric, when a two dimensional (2D) piece of fabric is around on a form of dress or a model, following its shape, crating a three-dimensional (3D) fabric pattern. To get an actual design for finished garment, pattern maker give ease allowances for movement before the garment piece is cut and sewn. 

PGM Dress Form System in Fashion Industry

PGM specialized manufacturing DRESS FORMS in California since 1983. We are the leading DRESS FORM manufacturer in the United States.

In 2000, PGM team revolutionized the traditional flat hip dress forms, launched our very first dressmaker tailor form with a "realistic" hip and buttock shape, much help design the tight dress or evening gown.  We are the pioneer in dress form design and manufacture , and this makes PGM Dress Form System become the standard dress forms in fashion industry.

In 2018, PGM design team revolutionized the traditional dress form to double functional dress forms with legs and collapsible shoulders, much help to design lingerie system or swim suite.  This new double function dress form system includes female half body dress form, male half body dress forms, large women plus size dress forms, etc.

Our passion and our quest for the perfect size and shape of a dressmaker form makes us the leader in today's fashion industry.

PGM's Mission to pursuit of perfection in our DRESS FORMS , so we can continue to service both fashion institutions, fashion designers and garment manufacture worldwide!