PGM Dress Form
dress form Industry Grade Female Pants Form (609)

Industry Grade Female Pants Form (609)

$339.00 | In Stock

  • PGM newly updated Dress Forms3 year manufacture warranty.
  • Newly updated Aluminum base, no broken (cast iron base easy broken).  This updated Aluminum base, move around smoothly. PGM provide this aluminum base life time manufacture warranty
  • This newly updated Aluminum base with 3 color selection: original color, black, gold
  • Newly updated Dress Form material by paper-fiber, resolve the paper-mache dress form shrinkage problem. 
  • The paper-fiber material enable to very strongly hold pins, much help draping design work. 
  • Dress forms covered by 100% Linen, with bump out side seams 
  • The dress form height can be easily lifted up or down by stepping the foot pedal
  • Size: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12
    Image base will be update to new aluminum base. 
Industry Grade Female Pants Form (609) Size Table