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Notice to all universities/institutes/schools: due to budget, PGM neither provide educational sponsor program, nor provide discount for educational purchasing. Thank you. 

Education Sponsor

PGM Dress Form Worldwide Education Sponsored Schools:

Dear Feahion Educators,

If you have outstanding student to meet PGM 2015 Dress Form Apparel Design Students Support Program, please let your student to contact us. PGM is happy to give support.

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Costume Director Secures Donation of Costume Equipment
for Theatre Arts

Kellie Grengs, M.F.A., Loyola University New Orleans Theatre Arts Costume Director and Extraordinary Assistant Professor, was awarded two female dress forms for the Department's theatrical productions through a competitive grant.  The forms will be used in the Costume Studio by students working on a variety of projects and classes such as Senior Thesis Designs, Costume Design Lab, Patternmaking & Construction, and more.
PGM holds a Dress Form Worldwide Educational Sponsorship Program annually.  It has been nearly 30 years since PGM constructed the first PGM garment-fitting dress form and PGM continues to do what they do best - produce high quality dress forms at a price point that is cost effective. It is their goal to continue a mission of supporting fashion design schools and curriculum by selecting fashion schools and programs and donating two PGM dress forms.  For more information about all of their programs, visit

The Department of Theatre Arts is thrilled to have been selected to receive the two new PGM dress forms for our program, and looks forward to years of creative endeavors with them.

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PGM Dress Form Woldwide Edcuation Sponsor Africa

PGM Dress Form's donation to Amani Ya Juu Foundation in Africa.

The Amani Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to shortening the boundaries of marginalization in African countries. With the Amani Ya Juu project, “Higher Peace” project, the Amani Foundation gives marginalized women from Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Uganda, Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, and other African countries an opportunity for self sustainment. This organization gives women the required education and training to improve their sewing and draping skills.

PGM is proud be part of this opportunity as PGM believes in education, equality, and the pursuit of your dreams.  As a company, we donated high quality Dress Forms as well as Pattern Making Tools to Amani Foundation.  It gives us a chance to give back to the community and we are blessed to be part of this sponsorship!  PGM is thrilled to be their partner in the years to come as we believe in fashion without borders.

"You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give!"

PGM believes in  just that!  That's exactly why PGM have been a proud sponsor of  Worldwide Education Sponsorship ProgramFashion Show Sponsorship Program and Outstanding Student Designer Award for as long as we remember!

PGM Dress Form Worldwide Education Donation

I finally have been able to take some photos of the dress forms! Attached are three photos. The
Amani Ladies love working with the PGM forms, they are so grateful to learn new things and always
want to see the latest designs on the dress form!

Thank you so much for blessing Amani Liberia with these.



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