PGM Dress Form

Adjustable Dress Form

PGM Adjustable Fitting Dress Forms 2019, the great updated dial switches are very smooth, easily rolling the dial switch by finger.
All PGM Adjustable Fitting Dress forms are natural body shaped with realistic buttock, double function enable to insert pole through center or leg, covered by high density material, hold draping pins very steady,  excellent fitting dress form for fashion designers, height can be lifted up and down by foot pedal and aluminum base. 

2019, PGM Adjustable Dress Forms with legs and double function by inserting pole through leg or center, with high quality aluminum base. The adjustable form can be easily lifted up and down by foot pedal.

The US Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) records a 1955 “voluntary standard of the trade” specifying the measurements for forms meant to produce clothing.

But what of changing body types, both real and stylized? Certainly forms for a 19th century woman would not support a design for a 21st century woman. Height and stature have changed so much that, even taking individual body types into account, today’s designers could not use yesterday’s forms

Paper Adjustable Dress Form - Adjust-O--Matic


Paper Adjustable Dress Form History 

Paper Mache Adjustable Dress Form

Paper Mache Adjustable Dress Form History

Robot Adjustable Fitting Dress Form gets into Fashion Industry in the world.

PGM Paper-Fiber Adjustable Dress Form 

PGM Industry Grade Adjustable Dress Form (Natural Body Shaped) will get into fashion market soon. 

PGM Adjustable Fitting Dress Form with both Professional Family Sewing and Industry Grade by 3D body scanner measurement launch the fashion market soon.