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#1  Fashion Designer Dress Form Pattern Tools USA
PGM Dress Form provide 3 year manufacture warranty, we also custom made your size dress forms,
and OEM your brand dress forms, worldwide shipping

  • Professional Dress Form

    #1 Fashion Designer Dress Form Pattern Tools USAPGM Dress Form provide 3 year manufacture warranty, we also custom made your size dress forms, and OEM your brand dress forms, worldwide shippingSummer Promotion (Best price ...

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  • Adjustable Dress Form

    PGM Adjustable Fitting Dress Forms 2018, the great updated dial switches are very smooth, easily rolling the dial switch by finger.All PGM Adjustable Fitting Dress forms are natural body shaped with realistic buttock, double function ...

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  • Industry Grade Dress Form

    #1 Fashion Industry Double Function Dress Form USAPGM Dress Form system, including Missy, Junior, Large Women Plus Size, Male, Young Men, Girls, Boys, Children Form, and 1/2 Half Scale Miniature Dress Forms3 year manufacture warranty, ...

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  • Antique/Color Dress Form

    PGM Antique design dress form, unique artificially design as antique vintage looking style dress forms. Tell us your need, we custom made your dress form as antique style.PGM also custom made different dye color ...

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  • Fashion Pattern Making Tools

    PGM Fashion Pattern Making Supplies, including Pattern Shears, Fabric Scissors, French Curve, Fashion Ruler Curves, Draping Tape, Fashion Design Muslin Fabric, Tape Measurement, Tracing Wheel, excellent for fashion design room or apparel pattern maker.Combine ...

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  • Clearance

    All Clearance Items not apply free shipping.PGM Garment Racks system include:  Rolling Racks, Clothes Racks, Heavy Duty Garment Rack, Folding Racks, Adjustable Garment Rack......, excellent for boutique store, showroom, retailers, ...

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  • Education Sponsor

    PGM DRESS FORM, provide Worldwide Education Sponsorship, support fashion class students to practice draping design. All PGM Dress Forms are natural body shaped with collapsible shoulder, excellent for designing evening dress or bridal wedding clothes.

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  • Student Account

    Welcome Fashion Students apply student discount. Just simply fill out the Application Form attached with your student ID, you will get a 5% discount coupon code, redeem it when you check out purchasing, you will right away get 5% discount.  Apply Now!

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  • Business Account

    Set up business account with PGM, get your own business benefit discount coupon code. Apply this coupon code for your purchasing on DRESS FORMS, fashion pattern making tools, Adjustable Dress Forms...., etc.

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  • Special Size Custom Made

    PGM custom made your personal dress form, and your fashion line models dress form. Take measurement at PGM show room or on site.

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  • PGM Full Line Dress Forms Worldwide

    PGM full line Industry Grade Dress Forms system provide you a wide selection of sizes for both half body dress form and full body dress form  to meet the need of worldwide fashion industry and fashion education.

  • How to measure PGM Dress Form

    PGM full line  Dress Forms are all USA standard sized, natural body shaped with realistic buttock and collopsible shoulders, excellent for professional fashion designer, fashion education, fashion industry, fashion students

  • How to drape on PGM Dress Form

    Make sure the measurements are accurate. If you haven't already, mark the center line of the dress form with tape. This will help you keep your draping even across the body. If you already have an idea of the lines of your garment, such as the shape of the neckline, you can add those with tape, as well. This helps keep your draping on track.

  • PGM Dress Form - How to measure female body

    For skirts we generally only need the waist size (G), hip measurement (I), and the distance vertically between waist and hip (E to F). Measure from the shoulder bone, over the elnbow and down to the wristbone to where you want the sleeve to end.

  • PGM Dress Form - How to measure male body

    For the Self Tailoring strap, the Self Tailoring laced and the Twist of English Empire trousers, we generally only need the following measurements as a guide: Trouser waist (H), seat (I), body rise (R to S) and inside leg (T to U). Place a tape measure or piece of string across the back under the arms and measure down from the neck bone to the centre of the tape.

  • How to measure dogs' body

    Length (Base of Neck to Base of Tail), Girth (Widest Part of chest), Neck (Around the base of the neck), Waist. Leg Length of Jumper/PJ's required - Short (4"), long (14") or none. (*If a specific leg length is required please see next diagram for measure guide)

  • 1. Baste the fabric to the foundation piece.

    Once you're satisfied with the draping, use a contrasting color thread to baste the fabric to the foundation piece (or to itself if you're not using a foundation piece). Go slowly so you won't miss any folds in the process. This will allow you to remove the pins without undoing all of your hard work.

  • 2. Create your foundation piece and pin it to your dress form.

    Most fabrics will require a foundation piece of some sort to support the weight of the fabric. You can skip this step if you're working with a very sturdy fabric. If your main fabric is sheer, be sure to choose a fabric that's close to your skin tone or one that matches the main fabric if you don't want to see the foundation fabric when the garment is worn.

  • 3. Work from a sketch or photograph.

    You should have a design idea in mind when you get to the dress form. A sketch or reference photograph will give you an idea of how you need to manipulate the fabric. Of course, you can also just play with the fabric and use its behavior as the basis of your design, but less experienced designers will be less frustrated when they have something to work off of.