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PGM Natural Body Dress Form

PGM Industry Grade Missy Dress Form, natural body shaped, is one of the most important apparel design fitting tools, it provides the best fit possible for a garment design. PGM Dress Form is the perfect way to drape fabric for your own styles, or your model style.

Get comfortable with the measurements of your dress form and compare them to your final product; your dress form should match the body you are designing for. As you lay the fabric over your dress form, make sure your center seam line is accurate and any pattern or grain in your fabric matches up on either side. Use pins to secure your fabric in place, but never pull or tug at it. Cut and pin pieces of fabric into a pattern, based on how you see the fabric fitting on your dress form. As you proceed, your garment will take a shape.

Fabric draping, unless experimental, relies on a basic understanding of how a traditional pattern works. Familiarize yourself with the shapes of a pattern before you try draping. For first-time drapers, try marking your pattern lines on your dress form before draping, to guide your fabric.
Dress your dress form in well-fitting clothing of your own and mark where the waistline and neckline fall.

PGM Missy Dress Form is different with PGM Junior Dress Form, view Junior Dress Form Size Table.

Draping on PGM Dress Form with muslin fabric

Muslin Fabric draping on PGM Dress Form

How to drape on PGM Dress Form with Muslin Fabric

Lined up PGM Dress Forms by professional Draping Tape
Line up Dress Forms by PGM professional draping tape
PGM Draping Tape works on any Dress Forms