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Female Poses Mannequin Adjustable (201FS)

Female Poses Mannequin Adjustable (201FS)

$299.00 $199.00 | In Stock

• Female Poses Mannequin with movable head, flexible arms and legs
• Steel base with 2 heel rods strongly support any poses standing (no need back support rod).
• Flexible arms at the shoulder & elbow, detachable arms, hands, movable head & twist-able
  waist can be
 adjusted to any flex position, enable you to easily display your dress
• Excellent for sport mannequin, or film studio for stunt man/women, or in Museum
• Available Color: White, Skin Color

Measurements: Height: 72" Approx, Chest/Bust: 31 1/2", Waist: 24", Hips: 35 1/2"

Female Poses Mannequin Adjustable (201FS) Size Table