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How to measure PGM Dress Form

How to Measure PGM Dress Form

  How to Measure Dress FormHow to measure dress forms How to measure Dress Forms  



(Copy Right @PGM-Pro Inc.)

PGM full line Dress Forms are all standard sized, natural body shaped with realistic buttock and collopsible shoulders, excellent choice for professional fashion designer, fashion education, fashion industry, fashion students.....

PGM also accept any special sizes dress form custom made.

To better meet your design purpose, select a correct size dress form is very important.

Below are some measuring key point reference to help you on how to measure your dress form and body measurement.

1. Neck Base
    To find the base of the neck, have the person tilt his or her head forward. You'll see a knobby bone in back ,
    round the measure tape at this point to make full circle.

2. Neck Middle
    At 1" above Neck Base, measure around.

3. Shoulder
    From side neck point (where the neck meets shoulder)  to shoulder point (the upper arm bone).

4. X-Shoulder
    At backside of body, from one shoulder point to another shoulder point.

5. X-Back
    4" down from Back Neck Point,  measuring from edge to edge (reference image).

6. F-Chest
    1" down from Front Neck Point, measuring from edge to edge (reference image).

7. Bust Around Neck
    Put the measuring tape at one bust point, around back neck to another bust point (apex).

8. Bust
    Measuring full circle around bust points (apex) and back point (see image). Please note: back point location
    will be different depending on the body size.

9. Upper Bust
    About 3" - 4" above Bust Point, measuring circle around back point ( see image). Please note: 3" -4", or
    more will be different depending on the body size.

10. Apex to Apex
      Measuring from bust point to bust point.

11. Dart
       At waist line, measuring from central line to princess line.

12. Waist
      Measuring full circle around waist points.

13.  Abdome-4"
       4" down from waist point, measuring full circle. Please note: 4" or... will be different depending on the body

14.  Hip
        8" down from waist points, measuring full circle.  Please note: 8" or..... will be different depending on the
        body size.

15.  Total Crotch
        From front waist point , go under to back waist point.

16. Max Thigh
       1" down from crotch, measuring around.

17. Middle Thigh
      Measuring around from the middle of Max Thigh and Knee.

18. Knee
      Measuring around knee.

19. Calf
      Measuring around calf.

20. Ankle
      Measuring around ankle.

21. Inseam
       Running vertically down the inside of the leg, measuring from crotch to the ankle.

22. Outseam
       Measuring vertically down from the outside of the leg, from waist line to ankle.

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