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Otis College of Art and Design, sponsored by PGM Dress Forms

PGM Dress Forms Education Sponship to Otis College of Art and Design

Costume Director Secures Donation of Costume Equipment
for Theatre Arts

 Kellie Grengs, M.F.A., Loyola University New Orleans Theatre Arts Costume Director and Extraordinary Assistant Professor, was awarded two female dress forms for the Department's theatrical productions through a competitive grant.  The forms will be used in the Costume Studio by students working on a variety of projects and classes such as Senior Thesis Designs, Costume Design Lab, Patternmaking & Construction, and more.

PGM holds a Dress Form Worldwide Educational Sponsorship Program annually.  It has been nearly 30 years since PGM constructed the first PGM garment-fitting dress form and PGM continues to do what they do best - produce high quality dress forms at a price point that is cost effective. It is their goal to continue a mission of supporting fashion design schools and curriculum by selecting fashion schools and programs and donating two PGM dress forms.  For more information about all of their programs, visit

The Department of Theatre Arts is thrilled to have been selected to receive the two new PGM dress forms for our program, and looks forward to years of creative endeavors with them.

California Community College Fashion Symposium 2012
(April 21st, 2012 @ California Market Center)
PGM sponsored Dress Forms to all winners
PGM Dress Form proudly sponsors

The Art Institute San Francisco's 2011 Fashion Show:
The Fashion Line Up

Students at the Art Institute of California – San Francisco Showcase Their Creative Talents and Unique Design at the 2011 Fashion Show: The Fashion Line Up

Join PGM Fashion Show Sponsorship Program and the students and faculty for a spectacular evening of fashion and style at The Fashion Line Up Show, The Art Institute of California- San Francisco’s Student Fashion Show and Competition. The Fashion Line Up held at the San Francisco Design Center (101 Henry Adams Street) on Saturday, June 18, 2011 with a reception at 7pm and the show at 8pm, gives AiCASF students the opportunity to parade their collections down the runway to an audience of 1,400 guests, including industry professionals, Bay Area designers, fellow students, family, and friends.

PGM Dress Form sponsors industry professional dress forms, series 601dressmaker form to all the winners of each category.

PGM Sponsor the DIYStyle for the 2011 THE Fashion Competition in St. Louis

PGM is happy to announce we are partnering with DIYStyle to sponsor the 2011 THE Fashion Competition in St. Louis, Missouri!  All winner received $2000 cash prize from PGM-Pro Inc. as well as PGM 601 Industry Dress Forms.  PGM is thrilled to be part of an event that can help make a new designer’s dream come true!

 PGM Dress Form Fashion Show Sponsor

PGM Dress Form Education Sponsor PGM Dress Forms Designer Award

PGM Antique Dress Forms PGM Vintage Dress Form

 PGM Dress Form Education Sponsor
PGM is the proud sponsor of the California Community College Fashion Symposium Program on Saturday April 16, 2011

Amani Ya Juu: PGM Supports the Efforts
to Decrease Marginalization in Africa

The Amani Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to shortening the boundaries of marginalization in African countries. With the Amani Ya Juu project, “Higher Peace” project, the Amani Foundation gives marginalized women from Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Uganda, Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, and other African countries an opportunity for self sustainment. The organization gives women the education and training to improve their sewing and marketing skills.

PGM believes in education, equality, and the pursuit of dreams.  As a company, we donate high quality Dress Forms as well as Pattern Making Tools to Amani Foundation. It is so wonderful to partner with an organization that believes in the same values of equality and education.PGM is glad to work with Amani Ya Juu to donate professional
dressmaker form and pattern making supplies to help marginalized women become independent and confident.
 PGM Dress Form Education Donation


Bravo 2010 Fashion Designer Show New York with PGM Dress Forms 

PGM Sponsorship - Long Beach City College Fashion Show 

Present 33rd Annual Fashion Show 2009
PGM proudly presents the winner of Long Beach City College Fashion Show, Sara Iglesias awarded with a PGM Ladies Dress Form!
More fashion show photos are available in the following link: Long Beach City College Fashion Show, 2009

PGM Sponsorship - Missouri State University  

Spring 2009
"My name is Sandy Bailey and I teach fashion design at Missouri State. We just completed our big spring show and our final winner of the two dress forms you generously donated last fall was awarded.

We were able to take a picture of both the winners at the close of our spring show last Saturday May 9th.

I have attached a picture of the winners; on the left is Sr. Lauren Cram who won her form for the closing 5 pc Sr. Collection, and on the right is Lisa Shoemaker a Jr. who won her form after winning our fall for project runway event. Thank you again for your donation, all the students worked hard to compete for your forms they are vital for a designers success! We hope you will be willing to make a donation again next year." - Sandy Biley


Bravo 2010 Fashion Designer Show New York with PGM Dress Forms

Project Runway 2009

Appearance of PGM dress forms in the Project Runway 2009.


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