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Instructor, Eric W Stiles Sr., Is Teaching The World How To Sew, Draft Professional Patterns & Drape State by State

PGM What are Professional Pattern Making Tools

What are Professional Pattern Making Tools

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PGM What are Professional Pattern Making ToolsPGM What are Professional Pattern Making ToolsPGM What are Professional Pattern Making ToolsPGM What are Professional Pattern Making Tools
Products Description:


When fashion designers, patternmaking designers, pattern makers, ......, produce their draping design, or alter the  patterns and garments, the professional pattern making tools are needed:

Pattern Design Ruler

Hip Curve
24” rulers that is shaped into a curve at one end. Used to curve hiplines on skirts and pants for drawing curved hems, hips and other slightly curved areas.

2.  French Curve
Shaped a curve at one end, individual curves are used to shape armholes, necklines, sleeve caps, darts, crotch seams, lapels, pockets and collars.

3. L-Square
With one side longer than the other, shaped like the letter “L”, used to draft slopers and patterns to establish length and grainlines on patterns and slopers.

4. Straight Ruler
To straight edge with clearly marked measurements rulers (12”, 18”, 24”)

5. Tape Measure
A narrow, firmly 60” tape with metal tips on each end.

Pattern Notcher
A hand punching tool which provide a 1/16” x 1/4” nick in pattern paper. Used to establish matching-point notches on the outer edges of pattern pieces. It also cuts through tag board.

Tracing Wheel
A small hand tool with metal point, used to transfer markings from pattern onto fabric with or without tracing paper.

A pointed tool with a wooden handle. Used to pierce small holes such as to indicate apex.

Cloth Weight
Cloth weights are used to weight down pattern pieces or fabric pieces.

Pattern Punch
A pattern punch is used to cut a circular 3/4” hole on pattern papers to enable hanging up by pattern hooks.

Pattern Hooks
Pattern hooks with cord are used to properly hang patterns.

Pattern Shears
Cutting is extremely important in patternmaking and sewing. Without good cut, the sloper is doomed, so, with a pair of professional heavy duty pattern shears(12”) that have an extra long shank and heavy blades is very helpful for patternmaking.

Fabric Scissors
Indursty heavy duty fabric scissors: 8”, 10”, 12”, with extreamly sharp blades, good for cutting fabric.

Draping Pins
A size 17 steel satin straight pin. Used to fasten parts and pieces together.

Draping Tape
Professional draping tape, 3/32” width, 49 feet length, with 5 different colors to select. Very easy to curve and line up.

Muslin Fabric
A light weight cotton fabric, used for draping design.

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